Sacramento, CA, and Elk Grove, CA, are home to Sacramento Valley Pediatrics, where our four exceptionally skilled pediatric doctors see sick and healthy children daily for multiple issues. Our practice has a comprehensive list of services, including diagnosis and care coordination for autism spectrum disorder, or ASD.

Defining Childhood ASD

  • ASD is a developmental disability within the brain.
  • Symptoms range in severity.
  • Signs occur before the age of three years.
  • No two children show the same traits or combination of traits.

No one knows for sure why children develop ASD. Genetics may play a part. Other possible factors include environmental, complications at birth, and being born to older parents. Race, culture, and socioeconomics have no bearing on ASD. Research finds that ASD is four times more common in boys than in girls.


Until assessing a child with autism at Sacramento Valley Pediatrics in Sacramento and Elk Grove, CA, it is sometimes difficult to tell. The symptoms of this condition can be very noticeable but also occur among people who do not have ASD.  Symptoms vary significantly from one child to another. One child may display most symptoms, yet another only a few. Some traits associated with autism include:

  • Motor skill delays
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Difficulty with social interactions
  • Trouble understanding directions or instructions
  • Disorganized or needing to have everything in order
  • May or may not meet milestone skills
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Seizures
  • High sensitivity (easily bothered by sound, taste, etc.)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

How to Arrive at a Diagnosis?

Only an experienced medical professional can make a diagnosis. There are no medical tests available to diagnose this condition. Our doctor must assess the child's behavior and monitor their growth and development at milestone checks. This monitoring means our doctors may not be able to make a diagnosis for a few years. 

Treatment Options

Treatment goals are to decrease symptoms that create a problem for the child’s quality of life. Our doctor creates unique treatment plans for each child, since no child is like another. We work with a team of professionals to help your child and will provide you with a list of valuable resources. Our quality pediatric medical group is experienced in diagnosing autistic symptoms. Call our four doctors for a consultation for autism or another health issue at Sacramento Valley Pediatric at 916-681-1130 in Sacramento, CA, or Pediatric Medical Center of Sacramento at 916-714-9777 in Elk Grove, CA.  

We can help you and your child manage ASD symptoms and live life to its fullest.