Newborn Care in Sacramento & Elk Grove, CA

Put Your Infant on a Healthy Path Starting at Birth

Sacramento and Elk Grove, CA, are home to four amazingly skilled and licensed pediatric medical doctors Dr. Perla-Inez Maulino, Dr. Maria Nelisa Tan, Dr. Joan Villaflor and Dr. Harrold Bravo Navea who see children daily from two offices, Sacramento Valley Pediatric Medical Group and Pediatric Medical Center of Sacramento. Our doctors want to let parents know how vital newborn care is to their infant.

Importance of Newborn Care

What is newborn care?

Every newborn has the right to have high-quality immediate healthcare at birth.

  • Cord clamping/cleaning/drying/breathing assessment/skin-skin contact/breastfeeding
  • Nurturing
  • Thermal care
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Infection-free
  • Identification of health issues
  • Immediate response to health issues
  • Referrals as needed

How do you prepare for your new baby?

  • Childbirth class
  • Prepare birth plan
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Eat healthy/Exercise/Relax
  • Birth announcements
  • Baby showers
  • Prepare baby's room/Essentials
  • Appoint a quality pediatric doctor
  • Prepare siblings/pets
  • Babyproof home
  • Parenting support
  • Pamper yourself

Expectations of first doctor's appointment

Your first newborn visit is 3–5 days after birth. We check the head shape and soft spots. We check hips, legs, and reflexes. We examine the umbilical cord and circumcision for proper healing. We take measurements of head and height and obtain a weight. At each visit, we discuss necessary immunizations.

How long is breastfeeding?

  • Six months

When to reach out for breastfeeding support?

  • If your infant does not feed
  • Unsure if your infant is eating enough
  • To increase breast milk

Creating a bedtime routine

  • Keep the same bedtime routine
  • Sleep in the same place
  • Ensure quiet
  • Ensure warmth


  • Warm sponge bath until cord and circumcision heal, then use the infant tub with a few inches of warm water
  • Gently wash head to toes
  • Baby shampoo/soap
  • Warm /soft cloth and towel
  • Support head/neck
  • Baby lotion

Baby's enrichment activities

A baby's activities grow with the baby and are age-related. Tummy time is one of your baby's first activities. Use strict supervision for a few minutes daily and gradually increase tummy time.

First newborn vision/hearing screening?

  • First newborn pediatric visit

When to see your pediatrician or go to the ER?

  • 24 hours of no urine once home
  • 48 hours of no bowel movement once home
  • Rectal temp, 100.4 or less than 97.5
  • Rapid breathing
  • Bluish color to skin
  • Pulling in of respirations
  • Increased sleepy/fussy
  • Decreased appetite
  • Allergic reaction/suspected poisoning/injuries/seizures/head trauma
  • Vomiting blood/dehydrated/refuses fluids

Seeking a Pediatric Newborn Doctor? Call Us Today

If you reside in Sacramento or Elk Grove, CA, and are seeking a quality pediatric medical doctor for your child, please call our four esteemed doctors Dr. Perla-Inez Maulino, Dr. Maria Nelisa Tan, Dr. Joan Villaflor and Dr. Harrold Bravo Navea today. Contact one of our two office locations in Sacramento Valley Pediatric Medical Group at (916) 681-1130 in Sacramento, CA, or Pediatric Medical Center of Sacramento at (916) 714-9777 in Elk Grove, CA, to schedule your child's newborn/well-child visit.