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Pediatric Asthma: Tips for Management and Prevention

Sacramento Valley Pediatric Medical Group calls Sacramento and Elk Grove, CA, home to their thriving pediatric practice with four skilled and board-certified pediatric doctors treating childhood asthma. Our doctors want Read More

Understanding and Managing Childhood Obesity

Our four talented, skilled, experienced, and licensed pediatric doctors direct and see young patients for childhood obesity at the Sacramento Valley Pediatric office in Sacramento, CA, and the Pediatric Medical Read More

Common Concerns: When To Consult a Pediatrician

It is normal for kids to get sick or hurt from time to time. Mild illness and minor injuries can often be treated at home, but it is also important Read More

Understanding Vaccinations: A Guide for Parents

Vaccinations are a simple and effective way to protect children from many serious illnesses and diseases. Vaccines work by prompting the body to develop antibodies and build immunity to certain Read More

Identifying Allergy Triggers in Kids

Caring for Allergies in Sacramento, CA Allergies can be frustrating enough when you’re an adult. When your child has an allergic reaction, it can be downright terrifying. If you ever see Read More

Parenting a Child with ADHD: Practical Tips and Coping Strategies

ADHD can be a struggle for a parent, and it's easy to get frustrated and potentially exasperate any issues. At Sacramento Valley Pediatric Medical Group, serving Sacramento, CA, and the Read More

Nurturing Health from the Start: A Guide to Well-Child Care Exams

Well-child care exams are very important for your child's overall health it's why they begin very early and why your child needs to visit their Sacramento and Elk Grove, CA, Read More

The Key to a Healthy Start: Understanding the Importance of Sports Physicals

Your child's school may recommend or require a sports physical if your child plans to participate in team sports and often to take part in PE. You can contact your Read More

Childhood Nutrition: Building Healthy Eating Habits

Help children build proper nutrition habits with these tips from Sacramento Valley Pediatric Medical Group in Sacramento & Elk Grove, CA. 8 Tips for Healthy Nutrition Habits It’s no secret that building Read More

Pediatric Vision and Eye Health: Regular Eye Exams

Healthy vision is vital for your child's overall development. From the time they are babies and through their teenage years, vision plays a crucial role in their learning, motor skills, Read More

When To Call the Pediatrician: Signs of a Sick Child

When to Call the Pediatrician: Signs of a Sick Child In general, children tend to get sick more often than adults, so if you're a parent, you know it's a situation Read More

Newborn Care: Tips for Feeding, Sleep, and Development

As you prepare for your newborn to come into the world, it’s important that you understand how to best care for your child and make the correct decisions for their Read More

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to the Blog of Sacramento Valley PediatricWhether your child is an existing patient or you’re searching for a pediatrician in the Sacramento, CA area, we’re excited you are here. Read More

Viewing 1 - 13 out of 13 posts